what is micro brewing?
Micro brewing are generally small market batch that produces quality beer in small quantities for a certain theme, season or when they want to advertise and show case a special product . Unlike other traditional brewers that produces million barrels of beer, Micro brewery produces fewer than 15,000 barrel of beer a year. The term micro brewing came about because of the size and the scale of the breweries but as time went by it gradually displayed a different approach and attitude to the brewing adaptability, flexibility, customer service and experimentation. Micro brewery are not only known for their specialty in beer, but they also offer products that are diverse, expensive and of high quality, hence making them to penetrate and dominate the market highly than their competitors.
Micro brewing initially began in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s and it has been seen gradually appearing in different countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Micro brewery are not heavily taxed like other bigger breweries and their distribution is limited mainly to regional distributorship. They seek recognition mostly from beer festivals since they are so small. There is a big misconception that micro brewing is craft brewing, but none of that is true. They have a few similarities but they are very different especially when it comes to their production techniques and the ownership.
Although microbreweries is very expensive it has a craft , characteristics and qualities that makes it difficult for other breweries to compete with and one cannot resist it.